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Web Hosting

After we have designed your FREE Website, the next stage is to get your completed website into Internet-land so that when anyone types your domain name into their browser, hey presto, up appears your website.

Whilst our FREE services offer is available your website hosting will not cost you anything and it will last until the end of the free offer period.

After the free period expires you may continue with your website hosting which would then cost £10 net for each additional 3-month period, equivalent to just over £3 per month.  You can continue to renew on this basis a further twice and then we will offer you a renewal based on a 12 month period.

The website hosting renewal is of course dependent upon you also renewing your domain name after the initial 12 month period.

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If you would like us to design for you a professional business website, give you a domain name, give you a domain Email address and secure your website with an SSL Certificate, then get in touch with us by your preferred method by selecting one of the buttons below. and     2021 Copyright     -  Website Terms of Use                                                              We do not collect data using cookies on this website.

A word of caution to our Clients using our Free Website Design Service - will design your website to your requirements but the content, that is both images and text, used in the Website is totally the responsibility of the Client and/or the Registrant of the domain name used.    You should read the content very carefully and ensure that such content is not copied without the usual consents. Any individual “Content” in the Website remains the property of the Client and/or the owner of the domain name and shall not be copied or used without such consent being obtained.

* domain name ending with “” and other nominated endings, please ask us for further information.

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