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and how we help Small Businesses

Since March 2020 a large number of small businesses have struggled to keep going and to earn sufficient income to survive.

A lot of them did not consider a website but now in these difficult times they need to get their services and/or products to a wider audience as possible, a website is one of the ways to do that.

A website also provides your business with a higher perception of respectability, having both a domain email address and a certificate attached to your website to tell existing and prospective clients that it is safe, it is so important.

Covid-19 has, during the past 18 months, made it impossible for us to visit both new and existing Clients so we have all had to find new ways to talk about their business and explain how we can help with our free or minimal cost services.

Whilst we can now all meet, the majority of our work can usually be achieved over the phone, by email or by video call.  You may still prefer safety at a distance, so we will work with you in the way which makes you feel most protected.  If you still prefer the personal touch we most certainly can see you face-to-face.

Whether you have no website at all, or would like us to design one for you or even if you have a website that you would like redesigned and brought up to date, please select the button below and send us a message or the Call Us button, we will always be so pleased to hear from you.

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A word of caution to our Clients using our Free Website Design Service - will design your website to your requirements but the content, that is both images and text, used in the Website is totally the responsibility of the Client and/or the Registrant of the domain name used.    You should read the content very carefully and ensure that such content is not copied without the usual consents. Any individual “Content” in the Website remains the property of the Client and/or the owner of the domain name and shall not be copied or used without such consent being obtained.

* domain name ending with “” and other nominated endings, please ask us for further information.

August, 2021

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